Reliable & Secure Website Hosting!

Social Link up offers reliable and secure website hosting. We can provide hosting for any website, whether it be a small brochure website or an online store with 1000 products.

Having a fast, secure server not only protects your business from hackers it can also help improve the Google rankings of your website. This is because Google sees your websites loading speeds and considers this part of the customer experience. Google are always trying to provide the best and most relevant result for their users.

Our team have also created specialist software for WordPress that can protect your website from hackers and ensure that NONE of the core WordPress files can be re-written. This stops malicious code being added to your website that might attack your website visitors.

SSL Certificates

Secure your site with SSL

An SSL certificate can help you secure your online store. This helps reduce the risk of hackers accessing your customers’ sensitive data.

Bespoke Email Address

Bespoke Email Address

We are able to offer you bespoke business emails. This would be a professional email that matches your website domain name. This could be contact@ or info@ as well as personal business accounts.

Online Web Security

Online Security

When building your website we use different security systems to ensure your website is safe from hacking. We also have a specialist software that stops hackers re-writing your core WordPress files.